Personal Injury

Personal Injury

I need a personal injury attorney

If you have been seriously injured, then you need to be prepared for a trial. Insurance companies will often put enormous amounts of effort into denying your claim. After all, their business model requires paying as little as possible. Attorney Shaharazad demands that all her clients are properly compensated, and she has seven years of trial lawyer experience to bring to bear on unwilling insurance companies. Call for a consultation today.

Personal injury in New Mexico

If you have been seriously injured, you should consider whether someone else should be responsible for your injuries. For example, I can help you determine weather a slip and fall was an accident or the fault of a business owner failing to keep the premises safe. Let me help you evaluate your situation, and determine what your injury is worth.

Comparative fault matters

New Mexico is one of a few states that follows the “pure comparative fault” doctrine. A judge-created law stating that someone who negligently causes an injury is only liable to the extent they are at fault. For example, imagine an accident caused by another driver cutting you off while you are speeding. You were somewhat at fault, because you were speeding, meaning you are entitled to nothing from the other driver.

In New Mexico, a judge or jury can examine the situation and divide up the fault. You might be 30% at fault, and the other driver might be 70% at fault. In that case, the other driver would have to pay for 70% of the damage caused by the accident. This comparative fault rule applies to virtually all personal injury cases in New Mexico, not just car crashes. I will help you navigate these complicated issues and ensure that you are granted the compensation due to you.

Car accident cases

Some states have tried to limit the rights of accident victims by enacting “no fault” laws forcing them to take all claims to their own insurance carrier. New Mexico is considered a “fault” state, so drivers still retain all their options. Accident victims can file a claim with their own carrier, file a claim with the other driver’s carrier, or simply file a lawsuit against the other driver’s insurance carrier. An experienced lawyer will be able to pull in experts like accident reconstructionists that can evaluate the cause of the crash and help understand who was truly at fault and how much damage they caused.

Slips and falls

Anyone that opens their property up to the public has an obligation to keep it reasonably safe. This means ensuring safe sidewalks, keeping floors clear of slippery messes, and preventing customers from hurting each other. If you have been injured by a piece of equipment or by simply falling, then you may not even know who could be responsible for the injury. A lawyer can help you determine who may be responsible and whether they have the ability to pay.

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